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Bradford Festival
Saltaire Festival

Festival Publicity coincided with the introduction of new technology and marked the end of an era for typesetters.

Bradford Festival


Bradford Festival

Programme 92

Bradford Festival

Programme 93

Saltaire Festival

Programme 06

Saltaire Festival

Programme 07

Saltaire Festival

Programme 08

Saltaire Festival

Finale Flyer

Bradford Festival

Bradford Mela

Bradford Festival

Festival Sticker

Programme 89

Festivals are very much publicity driven: over 14 days, Bradford Festival had close on 500 events, many requiring separate publicity themselves.

Over two days The Mela attracted over 50,000 visitors and heavily publicised as a main event.
1991 saw the introduction of digital output for artwork; working initially on a 386, then a Dan 486, progress turned out to be frustratingly slow (though still faster than Macs, as I discovered in 1995)

Publicity for Saltaire Festival was based on the Bradford Festival model and had the additional benefit of the internet, their website has been up and running since 2003.

Festival Programme

Saltaire Festival 2003

Saltaire Festival 04

Festival Poster 2004

Mela Poster 95

Mela Poster 1995

Carnival Poster 95

Carnival Poster 1995

From the side of a bus down to an inch diameter badge.