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Trunkie the Toilet

Trunkie the Toilet is a de facto site, migrating here, resulting in a temporary disordered jumble of html...

trunkie intro
This logo has been purloined from the dot co dot uk site, which isn't viewable at the moment.
280 Sheets

In 1980, an elderly gent tore several Trunkie episodes from their display at an Arts Exhibition proclaiming them to be disgusting! This was the first, but not the last, time of being Censored!


It was on route to the Tooting bus stop that Trunkie realised that there was more than meets the eye, between the earth and sky...

Trunkie with his first record: Bamboozle Basin.trunkie+record
Famous DJs played the john peel

cistern dressing room

Cistern applying his makeup in the main act's dressing room before their first sell-out gig, which is recorded below...

Back in the stupid olden days... 280 Sheets and the purple haze

trunkie's house
trunkie + sneakpile

Sneakpile often benefits from Trunkie's rodent problem.


Toad and Trunkie were best friends, until they had a big fall out. Toad was consumed with envy when he heard 280 Sheets being played on the radio.


280 Sheets

The follow up single to Bamboozle Basin

at t'pub

Crunchie, the band's manager, spouting off some tall tale surrounding himself with incredulous spectators, down the local hostelry.

In Clover

280 Sheets

Up Tempo Extended version of 'In Clover'.