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Working at Rough Trade + beyond. Designing for Flexipop!. Publicity machine @ Bradford Festival. Responsive Web Design. Music Video Creation

Latest Tools

As and when new creative software is released, we try to take full advantage of the latest tools to increase productivity.

Digital since 1990

Used Macintosh 128k in 1984 OS: 'Classic' System1. Introduction to Windows PCs started with 386 and 486; OS: MS-DOS, Windows 3.1


Bootstrap Studio; Brackets; Dreamweaver; Fireworks MX 2004, Brackets, Bootstrap Studio; Photoshop; Flash; Quark Xpress

Backup Support

Customer Satisfaction has been paramount throughout and the two Clients who were not satisfied with the work were not charged.

Layout and Design

Web, Print or Video, the Client is shown the work in progress, every step of the way throughout the design procedure .

Recent Work