Animated Music Videos

DF118: Know How I Feel
DF118: Expanded Loop Remix
DF118: Dead But Beautiful
DF118: Unmistakable Signs Of Art
DF118: Interim
DF118: Halfway
DF118: Piece Of You
Turn The Tide
Love Bites Back
Gravity's Got Me
It's a Mean Old Scene
Ease Your Pain
In the swim
I believe in Science Fiction
DaDa (Anti-Art)
Made Of Plasticine
Long Way Back Home
Five Four Three Two One
Expanded Loop
Gotta Get Over It
More Weather
Hoola Hula Hoop
Newport Bridge
Pocket Operator
In Clover
Anyone There
DF118: Never You Mind
DF118: Heavy Load
DF118: Believe In
DF118: multivitamins
DF118: See Your Smile
DF118: Get It Right
DF118: All My Life
DF118: Round + Round
DF118: Be what you wanna be
Paradigm Shift
Where I Come From
Make It Good (remix)
Lovely Cup Of Tea
A Little More Time
Feel The Wind Blow
Dead Skin
Will It Be A Nice Day
Come In Peace
Don't Think So
Wonky Part 2
Up and Over
Bamboozle Basin
(There Can Be) A Way
Bill the Tomato