Animated Music Videos

DF118: You Just Have To Say
DF118: Searching
DF118: There For Me
DF118: Know How I Feel
DF118: Expanded Loop Remix
DF118: Dead But Beautiful
DF118: Unmistakable Signs Of Art
DF118: Interim
DF118: Halfway
DF118: Piece Of You
Turn The Tide
Love Bites Back
Gravity's Got Me
It's a Mean Old Scene
Ease Your Pain
In the swim
I believe in Science Fiction
DaDa (Anti-Art)
Made Of Plasticine
Long Way Back Home
Five Four Three Two One
Expanded Loop
More Weather
Hoola Hula Hoop
DF118: Invisible
DF118: Like A Peacock
DF118: Time Machine Coda
DF118: Can't Help But Try
DF118: Never You Mind
DF118: Heavy Load
DF118: Believe In
DF118: multivitamins
DF118: See Your Smile
DF118: Get It Right
DF118: All My Life
DF118: Round + Round
DF118: Be what you wanna be
Paradigm Shift
Where I Come From
Make It Good (remix)
Lovely Cup Of Tea
A Little More Time
Feel The Wind Blow
Dead Skin
Will It Be A Nice Day
Don't Think So
Bill the Tomato
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